From detailed inspections to state-of-the-art surveys, our drone services are designed to maximize efficiency and safety on every project.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge aerial solutions for a variety of sectors, including energy, mining and construction. Our innovative approach and commitment to technology and safety position us as a leader in the field of aerial drone services.

Customers can expect exceptional results, operational efficiency and solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Aerial Inspections

We carry out short and long-range inspections with rotary wing and VTOL drones, including power lines and transformer stations

Aerial Survey and Modeling

We use photogrammetry with drones and LiDAR technology to create digital models of terrain or structures with millimeter precision. Wind and Solar

Farm Inspections

We offer detailed and efficient inspections using AI to detect anomalies and defects.

Short and Medium Distance Logistics

Ability to move loads of up to 40 kg more than 150 km away, optimizing operational logistics.

Strategic Alliances

We collaborate with leading companies to improve service delivery and operations logistics.

  • Huinoil
  • Paraguayan Air Force
  • Uruguayan Air Force
  • Singulair - France
  • National University of Rosario


We offer a specialized consulting service for the assembly and management of aerial squadrons with drones, aimed at government agencies, armed forces, security forces and private companies. Our approach includes strategic planning, selection of suitable equipment and customized training for specific operations. We advise on all aspects of drone deployment, from operational logistics to regulatory compliance, ensuring that squadrons are equipped to tackle a variety of missions with maximum efficiency and safety. Our team of experts works closely with each organization to develop tailored solutions that align with their specific objectives and operational requirements.